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YL9100 Plus+ HPLC

Our HPLC is built to provide an exceptional cost/performance ratio. Continued research and development provide high-end performance and features, while a state of the art manufacturing facility ensures outstanding quality. With more than 30 years experience and development, we are proud to present our new HPLC, YL9100 Plus HPLC.

‘When the time came to replace the aging HPLC equipment in my laboratory, the YL9100 Plus HPLC exceeded my expectations, but not my budget. We now have great looking, modern HPLCs, with the performance and functionality I required, yet at a fraction of the price I expected. The Windows based Chromatography Data System has proved to be a great success with my analysts



All of your effort to analyze the target compounds is all about how fast and reliably you analyze them within a given time and a budget. This is what we call ‘Productivity’ and ‘Efficiency’. ChroZen UHPLC perfectly satisfies these two points by producing the results 4~10 times faster than conventional HPLCs while ensuring both superior sensitivity and resolution. In addition, the system endures real ultra-high pressure, up to 18,800 psi (1,300 bar), with the powerful pump providing the accurate and precise flow rate by applying the concept of linear drive technology for two pairs of serially coupled pump heads, which means you can fully utilize the UHPLC columns and have the reliable data.

YOUNG IN Chromass has produced reliable and superior chromatographs over more than 30 years to this date by dedicating our research and development to chromatographic technologies in Korea. And now we’re proud to introduce the real UHPLC with confidence, ChroZen UHPLC.

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