Humidity Calibration Services

Accreditation Number: 1555

Solutions to Your Humidity Calibration Needs

We calibrate hygrometers, which measure both moisture content of the air and the temperature of the air. Our humidity calibration services help you ensure that your relative humidity measurements reflect the most accurate percentages possible.

Onsite & Offsite Calibration

We cover your onsite and offsite requirements, working around your schedule and finding convenient solutions for you. At TriLab, we understand how costly humidity-control issues can be in your laboratory, manufacturing facility or storage area. This is why we carry out our calibrations with care, ensuring our technicians are thorough and methodical in their approach.

We have ample experience in calibrating common humidity measurement equipment such as digital/thermo hygrometers and data loggers and are able to service laboratories across South Africa.

Accredited to Carry Out Calibrations on Your Humidity Equipment.

We are held accountable to the South African National Accreditation System and have received approval from them for our humidity calibrations. This ensures that your laboratory results are completely reliable and able to hold up to the exacting standards of the scientific community.

What You Can Expect from Our Calibration Services:

What We Cover:

Digital Hygrometers
(RH Meters)

A thermo hygrometer measures both humidity of the air and temperature of the air. The thermo hygrometer measures different ranges of humidity and temperature, depending on the model.

Hygrometers can be calibrated using saturated and unsaturated salts from ranges 11-90%. The effect of temperature on humidity measurement is very important and will always be included on the calibration certificate.

For humidity calibration, we require the fixed humidity points (normally 11,33,54,75 and 90%) in order for us to perform calibration. These are typically according to the working range/s it’s used at.

TriLab Support offers calibration via a reference humidity meter. Alternatively, precision reference standards are used.

Our range of measured quantity for digital hygrometers/ thermo hygrometers (15 to 30): 11% rh to 95% rh.

On-site RH Calibrations

Our range of measured quantity for digital hygrometers/ thermo hygrometers (15 to 30): 11% rh to 95% rh.

Data Loggers

Our range of measured quantity for digital hygrometers/ thermo hygrometers (15 to 30): 11% rh to 95% rh.

Is it Necessary to Calibrate my Humidity Equipment Often?

Yes. The sensors that measure humidity need to be calibrated regularly to ensure they continue to operate within their specifications.

Industries We Assist

Humidity affects many properties of air and the materials that are exposed to it. Monitoring and measuring humidity is important wherever there is a need to prevent condensation, corrosion, mold, warping or spoilage of products.

Food Manufacturers

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Art Galleries

Data Centres




Selecting a Calibration Method

We look for the following perks when selecting a calibration method:

When it comes to calibrating humidity, we believe it’s important to look for a dependable solution that maintains stability and uniformity over time, including the quality of a humidity probe and calibration method.

The Importance of Being Methodical

Performing a thorough calibration is important. You can perform a spot-check or one-point probe calibration in the field with a handheld humidity meter, but its value is limited. Calibration with a handheld meter needs to be carefully managed. Temperature differences between the probe and its environment, technician body heat, and even moisture from breath can all cause RH measurement errors. Furthermore, one-point tests can cause out-of-tolerance readings when ambient conditions change.

Important Humidity
Calibration Considerations

Consider your workload and where you will calibrate it. Will you work primarily in a controlled laboratory environment? On-site in a field environment? Or both? If your work takes you to a variety of environments, consider a solution that works in all of them to save equipment cost and, and versatile calibration method/s to suit each environment.

The amount of workload you calibrate is important too. Some methods only calibrate one humidity sensor at a time, while others can calibrate multiple probes at once.

With our vast industry experience, assisting laboratories all over South Africa, and with our team of highly-skilled technicians, we have become known as a leading calibration company in the country.