Mass & Volume Calibration

Accreditation Number: 1455

Balance Calibration Services & Measuring Instruments

Measuring up to the Highest Standards

Our laboratory support team can assist with balance calibration services as well as the calibration of measuring instruments such as pipettes. It is our mission to leave no room for error and to ensure our services hold up to the highest standards. With our vast industry experience, assisting laboratories all over South Africa, and with our team of highly-skilled technicians, we have become known as leading calibration company in the country.

SANAS Accredited Services

Our services are aligned with the South African National Accreditation System, ensuring we comply with standardised practices within calibration laboratories across the country. This accreditation holds us accountable and gives our customers the guarantee of reliable results.

Our Mass & Volume Calibration Covers:

Mass Pieces

Our range of measured quantity for this is 1mg to 20g, 50g, 100g to 200g, 500g to 2000g, 5000g, 10kg and 20 kg.
We calibrate mass pieces according to their class and use (i.e. analytical balances require an F2 or better to obtain relevant uncertainties).


Our range of measured quantity for digital self indicating is 0g to 5g. For mechanical self indicating it is 5g to 300g, 300g to 2kg, 2kg to 10kg and 10kg to 1000kg.

For all of our balance calibration services and testing the following “Metrological Tests” are carried out: Repeatability, Eccentricity and Linearity (unless user or client has requested partial calibration – where in that case it must be documented on calibration certificate).

These individual tests may differ very slightly on different types of equipment but the principle remains the same.

The weighing instrument should always be calibrated in the same place and position it is intended for use. Environmental conditions such as temperature, drafts, vibration etc. can affect readings and should be kept to a possible minimum – and if excessive, the customer should be advised on possible prevention.

Pipettes and Glassware

Our range of measured quantity for automated pipettes is 5ml to 100ml. For pipettes or burettes, it is 250ml and for flasks, measuring cylinders and pycnometers it is 500ml and 1000ml to 2000ml.

Glassware and pipettes volume measurement is an important step in most industrial and analytical measurement operations. Volume instruments are used in many fields like chemistry, health, biology and pharmacy. Laboratories must ensure that results obtained using these instruments are reliable.

In order to reduce and identify possible errors in liquid handling, it is necessary to calibrate volume instruments using the correct methods.

At the highest level of the traceability chain, the volume can be determined by the primary method of weighing the contents of a suitable liquid, by known temperature and density (gravimetric method) and by weighing the amount of water delivered by or contained in the volumetric apparatus.

The mass is then converted to the desired volume using the tabulated density of Water:
Volume = mass / density

Pipettes – Calibration points are a 10, 50 & 100% of pipettes range with adjustments made at 50%. Pipette service is an optional extra where we strip and clean the pipette and carry out routine maintenance including cleaning, stripping and lubricating piston. Note: Customer to provide pipette tips and necessary adjustment tools. Customer to acknowledge pipettes have been sterilised prior to calibration.

With our vast industry experience, assisting laboratories all over South Africa, and with our team of highly-skilled technicians, we have become known as a leading calibration company in the country.